The field of medicine

Medicine is one of the most practiced discipline of the world. It deals with the study of health. Medicine is such a vast area of practice that it includes a number of professions that can be pursued. These professions include doctors at the top, nurses, paramedic staff, ward staff and many others. The field of medicine and profession of a doctor are considered to be a noble profession. They save numerous lives and help people recover from their unhealthy conditions. They contribute a lot to the society and to people at a personal level as well.

These are some of the reasons why every year, a huge number of students decide to be a part of this noble profession. Some people also come by their passion towards medicine and healing. There are a huge number of medical colleges in the world. The top colleges in UAE don’t only offer MBBS, but also a number of degrees that produces specialists in other fields of medicine. Some of the specializations are listed below in the article.


Dentistry is the field of medicine that deals with the oral health. One should consult a dentist when they notice something unusual in their teeth and gums. Oral hygiene is a very important aspect of your overall health.


Dermatology is the field of medicine that works on the diseases of skin. Any disorder of the skin, hair and nails are taken care by a dermatologist. They can diagnose a number of diseases from skin cancer to infectious diseases.

Allergy and immunology

A person can also get specialization in the field of allergy and immunology. A specialist in this field has equally important work amongst the pediatrics and adults. They help you to recover from your allergic diseases and help strengthen your immune system by taking care of any respiratory related disorder.


Anesthesiology is the field of medicine that works on keeping the patient numb and unconscious before and during the surgery. A specialist in the field of anesthesiology is known as an anesthetist.

Emergency medicine

The people who are specialists in the field of emergency medicine are well equipped and trained of taking immediate decisions at the moment of an emergency. These physicians provide necessary care to the children and adults brought in an emergency situation. Find more details here.

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