Types of hoists

A hoist is basically an apparatus which can be used to raise the materials from the ground floor to the top floor. It could be manually operated.

Types of hoist

Hoists can be used anywhere to lift the weights. It is used in different industries. It could be used to lift the cargo, lifting the construction material and it is often at mechanic shops and at warehouses. There are different type of hoist and each of them have a different purpose and they have different applications. These are mentioned below

  • Chain hoist
  • Electric chain hoist
  • Wire rope hoist
  • Hoist trolley
  • Electric hoist
  • Flame proof hoist
  • Manual hoist
  • Travel hoist

Chain hoist

This type of hoist can lift the weight up to 10 feet high attached with a steel chain. To give the operator more control while lifting and spotting chain hoist is provided a mechanic load brake.

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Electric chain hoist

There is a motor and controller are used to lift the weight and control the speed of the hoist. They are ideal for the small machine shops and in industrial production where lifting is done frequently. It is also used where fast lifting is required.

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Wire rope hoist

These type of hoist can lift the weight up to 10 tons. They have the best results in the market. Its speed of lifting weight is much higher than other hoists. It offers a huge variety. People prefer this type of hoist over chain hoist for frequent use and fast lifting because there is a chance of wear and tear of chain hoist. This moves the load side to side.

Hoist trolley

It can bear the load up to 3 tones. It is suitable for warehouses and storage facilities.

Electric hoist

Electric hoist uses chain and wire ropes and uses electric motor to lift or lower                                                        the load. They can be used at different places and it has many types. It needs to be cooled so it doesn’t get overheated. They can’t run continuously.

Flame proof hoist

It is mainly used in oil refineries and chemical plants.  It is design for environment where fire is known as hazard.

Manual hoist.

It is type of apparatus which can carry large amount of weight.  It can be divided into three classes.

  1. Lifting chains
  2. Lifting mechanism
  3. Hooks

Travel hoist

It is the fastest hoist. It is not only limited to carry the weight up to 20 tons it can carry more than that. It is basically for the rough environment and its efficiency is high.

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