Disadvantage of lithium battery

A significant disadvantage of lithium battery is the high cost that is used in producing the lithium ion battery. You should keep in mind that the manufacturing of lithium battery is almost forty percent extra costly compared to the battery of hydride of metal-nickel. One thing that operates the manufacturing expenses is the requirement to involve a costly on the project computer microprocessors to make sure that potential as well as current stay inside the guarded limits.

One thing which is quite important and that is the lithium batteries that are of high performance makes use of metals that are uncommon or rare like nickel, etc. Nickel and similar metals are limited and costly to get. Increasing demand for lithium battery has multiplied four times the total costs of metals that are uncommon or rare in the last few years. Hence, being a hinder in the production of other uses of lithium battery.

One other disadvantage of lithium battery is that it is prone to dangers related to fire because of a specific reason of overheating. They might blow up when it is overheated or when it is overcharged because of the formation of gasses and following expansion in internal force from the disintegration of electrolyte. Moreover, overheating can burst in to flames the burnable electrolytes, hence causing fires and blasts.

Understand that the lithium battery is prone to a lot of heat. Constant subjection to thermal forces because of overcharging, inappropriate storage, etc. can reduce its duration of life. The cells present in lithium battery downgrade quickly under enormous heat, consequently, leading to loss in lithium battery’s durability. Also, when there is overheating, it damages certain electronic parts of the lithium battery.

Since lithium battery is rechargeable and this feature of the battery is considered as a disadvantage. The reason being that no matter if the lithium battery is running or not, it will still degrade once it comes out of the industry. This factor is usually considered as ageing effect.

You should know that the lithium batteries don’t have a very good discharge. Also, when the potential of specific lithium battery becomes lower to a particular level, it sets off as unusable.

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