Combo Roof Waterproofing Systems – Facts

Combination roofing is an economical and cost-effective solution for many areas where traditional roofing systems are either too expensive or not available. Thermoplastic PVC (untainted polyvinyl chloride) is one such material that offers good value for money. Its durability, low maintenance cost, easy installation, and high resistance to ultraviolet rays are some of its major benefits. Here are some more benefits of getting roof waterproofing in Dubai installed in your home or office building.

Durability: It is one of the most waterproofing materials that have many advantages. It may not be the most expensive one but over the years it will undoubtedly pay off for you. It is highly water-resistant, especially when compared to other forms of rigid plastic roofing systems. Also, it has superior water-tight properties.

Energy Efficiency: Another advantage of getting a thermal insulating roof is that it allows you to save on energy consumption. An insulated roof reduces heat gain from windows and doors, thus lowering your central heating bill. If you choose the right thermal insulating materials like Thermoplastic PVC, you will be able to get the best of both worlds i.e. good value for money and good energy efficiency. Hence it helps in cutting down on energy costs.

Maintenance Free Solution: With the help of waterproofing, you need not worry about water damage to the building. You can also depend on it for lasting protection. It is so flexible that making use of it in a combination roofing system can increase its longevity as well as make it more durable. Also, it does not require frequent cleaning or maintenance, which ensures maximum protection and reliability for a long period.

Low Installation Cost: These are the benefits of getting combo roof waterproofing over any other flat roofing system. Also, it does not require any sort of complicated installation process, unlike other membrane systems. All you have to do is to install it over your existing flat roofs, and it does the job of providing adequate protection. Also, the installation process is relatively easy and fast as compared to other membrane systems, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it.

Use of the right materials used: Even though combo roof waterproofing systems can provide good protection to your building, you still need to maintain it properly. Using inferior quality materials can compromise the performance of your system, thereby leading to water damage. Hence it is important to use only the best materials used.

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