How to find music band collaborations on Soundcloud App and other social media Apps

SoundCloud acts as a great podium for music artists to collaborate with each other despite of the distances created by geographical borders. Artists can use this platform to share demos, for acquiring feedback from listeners, for getting new ideas and producing a conspired music piece.
How can you use SoundCloud for producing a music piece with others? Let’s suppose that you have an original demo that you wish to share with the rest of your band members and you want to use Soundcloud promotion services to gain more following on social media. Here is how:

Storing Audio Content

The first step to storing demo audio content is to create a platform for discussing and evolving the initial sound. You might not want this raw demo witnessed by the whole world yet so be careful to set the demo to only private viewing. You can do this by creating one set so different ideas are built over one another. While creating this set, visit your privacy settings and select it to be private. All sounds that you add to this set will be private as well. When you set up on SoundCloud, it would be easier to collaborate as the band members will be able to follow each other.

Share your audio content with people you want to

You have set yourself up now. Each time you wish to upload a new set on SoundCloud to work over with others, you can select who can access this set. This is done via the option of ‘Add/Remove People’ located in the Private bar in sound edit. For selecting individuals whom you plan to grant access, use the followers/following tab, then click on each individual one by one.

Timed Comments

You have shared a sound and now you wish to attract feedback and opinions. The timed comment option is a great way to allow listeners to point out an exact area of the sound for discussion. For instance you did not like the sound of that drum fill used in the song, you can leave comment over that exact point.
Somebody timed comments on this pinpointed area of the song, now a complete conversation are built up over it by replying to this comment. This is a great way to initiate interaction and collaborate with other users.

Advanced Privacy Settings

Say you do not want to share your comments with many people. For this purpose, advanced privacy settings play an important role. You can go into sound edit and move to ‘Advanced Privacy Settings’ and then either ‘Hide Comments’ or make your comments private.
Gradually, everyone whom you have given access to will starting giving input to the new song/demo. The idea will slowly grow and you can keep adding newer and improved versions to the same private set by clicking ‘add new sounds’. In the end you will have a bucket full of ideas and feedback over your initially recorded audio.