How to find music band collaborations on Soundcloud App and other social media Apps

SoundCloud acts as a great podium for music artists to collaborate with each other despite of the distances created by geographical borders. Artists can use this platform to share demos, for acquiring feedback from listeners, for getting new ideas and producing a conspired music piece.
How can you use SoundCloud for producing a music piece with others? Let’s suppose that you have an original demo that you wish to share with the rest of your band members and you want to use Soundcloud promotion services to gain more following on social media. Here is how:

Storing Audio Content

The first step to storing demo audio content is to create a platform for discussing and evolving the initial sound. You might not want this raw demo witnessed by the whole world yet so be careful to set the demo to only private viewing. You can do this by creating one set so different ideas are built over one another. While creating this set, visit your privacy settings and select it to be private. All sounds that you add to this set will be private as well. When you set up on SoundCloud, it would be easier to collaborate as the band …

Installing, Upgrading, or Removing Post.Office

3.1 Installation Instructions and Other Documentation

Where can I find installation instructions?

The Post.Office Installation Guide contains detailed installation instructions. The manual is available for viewing from our web site, can be obtained independently from the FTP download page, and is included as part of the standard software download package.

Some brief (1-2 page) installation guidelines for all supported platforms are also available in the README files which can be found on our web site at

Important Information for NT Users: We’ve developed a new tool to assist you through the installation process. It includes detailed information on pre-installation requirements, the installation process, and related topics such as proper configuration of DNS records. You can open the Simple Online Support (SOS) tool by launching your browser and pointing it to:

How do I download a copy of the Post.Office manual?

You can download a copy of the manual from our web site ( Simply follow the links from the Products page to locate the Post.Office software. Documentation associated with the software is also listed there.

3.2 Licensing Issues

NT only – How do I update my license number?

To enter your new license number, simply re-run the Post.Office …

Post.Office: The Ultimate E-mail Server for the Internet

Simple to configure and easy to maintain. Unparalleled security features. Multi-platform implementation. Written from the ground up to meet the high performance requirements of today’s Internet mail managers. No other e-mail server comes close to Post.Office.

Post.Office is a powerful e-mail server developed in strict adherence to the open standards and protocols of the Internet community. Bringing greater
levels of efficiency, reliability, and flexibility to e-mail clients and administrators, Post.Office is designed to accommodate the ever-increasing demands of electronic mail systems. With strong emphasis on security, scalability, and ease-of-use, Post.Office sets the standard for e-mail server solutions.


Post.Office is a multi-platform solution for Unix and Windows NT platforms, offering an integrated combination of tools and capabilities not found in any other e-mail server. Features such as web forms interface, fully integrated List Manager, remote configuration, auto-reply, and integrated POP3, SMTP and Finger servers provide seamless connection to the Internet.

Powerful New Built-in List Manager

Without the use of dedicated tools, creating and maintaining mailing lists is a cumbersome, time-consuming chore. Some mailing list management “solutions” entail clunky add-on programs-often from different vendors than the designers of the mail server package, with all the resulting integration and compatibility issues associated with …

Post.Office 3.0

The newest release of Post.Office from makes implementing, configuring, and maintaining e-mail systems for corporations, enterprises, and small-to-medium scale ISPs and OSPs easier than ever, thanks to new capabilities, improved performance, and greater capacity. Some of the most prominent new features in Post.Office 3.0 are summarized below.

Full-Featured List Manager Post Office’s new List Manager offers quick creation and easy administration of thousands of mailing lists for groups of users who share information on a common topic. Lists are controlled by the mail system administrator, who can delegate responsibility for list management to one or more assigned list owners.
The Post.Office 3.0 List Manager allows list owners to set a wide range of subscription and posting policies, moderate messages, and modify most of the attributes of the list. All list-related operations can be handled through the web interface or through e-mail forms (or a combination of both). Access to the various functions is password protected to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Subscribers can use either a simple web interface or an E-mail interface to review/subscribe to available mailing lists, change delivery modes, and perform search functions.

Greater Capacity

Post.Office will now scale to comfortably support over 100,000 mailboxes on a single …

Post.Office 3.1

Less than a month after the April 22nd release of’s major upgrade to Post.Office 3.0, we are pleased to announce further enhancements to Post.Office. With the new Post.Office 3.1 release, administrators gain the ability to deny the use of their mail server as a relay host using a variety of IP address and domain name restrictions. This upgrade also allows the ability to drop connection based on specified IP address, domain name, or user name in the message envelope.

The Post.Office 3.1 release is available now on the Web site.

Relay Spamming

‘Spamming’ refers to the act of sending unsolicited bulk e-mail messages. It is also known as Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). As the Internet has grown, spamming has become a problem that can seriously threaten the operations of service providers.

Service Providers Issues
There are two problems that service providers face with respect to incoming spam.

Their MTAs are being used to relay spam messages to recipients around the Internet.

Incoming spam messages to the service provider’s users can seriously tax the system, even overloading its capacity – this is known as denial of service.

Relay Spam Curbing

The issue of users from the outside using a …

QuickBooks Common Questions

Q: Who created the software applications found in the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace?
A: Most of the software applications in the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace were created by third-party software companies that wanted to enable their software to help QuickBooks users. By searching the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace, you can find new integrated third-party software applications to help your business or find out if new versions of your favorite business software now integrate with QuickBooks.

Q: What does it mean when a software product is “integrated” with QuickBooks?
A: When software is integrated with QuickBooks, it can share data with QuickBooks automatically, saving you time by reducing data entry and reducing errors. Integration allows selected sales, customer, or financial data to automatically move between software products.

Q: What do I do if I have a question or problem with third-party software that I found in the QuickBoooks Solutions Marketplace?
A: Since third-party software companies provide these software applications, Intuit cannot provide customer or technical support for these products. Please contact the company who developed the software for technical and sales support directly. Many software companies also have web sites that provide fast and easy access to support information.

Q: Do any of the